media processing suite

Aventus is a cloud-based end-to-end media processing solution for live events, 24x7 live linear channels, and VOD content. Complete with flexible acquisition options, scalable transcoding, adaptive bitrate packaging, robust security, and ad opportunities, Aventus helps you scale and monetize your content for millions. Provided as a managed service, Aventus simplifies the complexities of the changing media industry.

Adventus Control Panel Icon
Control Panel

Manage live events with an intuitive user interface. Optimize the feed for each target device with built-in encoding profiles.

Adventus Signal Icon
Signal Acquisition

Acquire flexible and redundant live signals from satellite, media, and fiber. Support the fan worldwide with source regions in North America, Europe, and South America.

Adventus Transcoding Icon

Complete your broadcast workflow for OTT distribution with a scalable transcoding solution for adaptive bitrate streaming.

Adventus DRM Icon
Atlas DRM

Protect your content across platforms at scale.

Adventus SwitchCast Icon

Customize channels for the fan by geography, demographic, device type, network connection, and more. Alternate media for regional blackouts and mix live video with pre-recorded content. Drive channel programming through policy or direct API integration.

Adventus Ad Insertion Icon
Ad Insertion

Advertise with full SCTE-35 processing for downstream dynamic ad insertion. Choose from comprehensive options for automatic or manual ad pod insertion.

Adventus Media Origin Icon
Media Origin

Optimize media storage for low latency and high throughput.

Adventus Packaging Icon
ABR Packaging

Stream across multiple bitrates using your desired profile. Give the fan the best quality video for the available bandwidth and network connection.

Adventus Live 2 VoD Icon

Convert live video streams to VOD assets instantly.

Adventus VoD Flow Icon
VOD Flow

Ingest and transcode file-based media for VOD distribution.

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Publishing & Delivery

Publish to our Media Origin or integrate with a preferred CDN. Deliver to the most popular device types with optimized profiles up to 1080p.

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