Record-Breaking Livestream for Super Bowl LII

NBC Sports Group and Playmaker Media partnered with iStreamPlanet to livestream the seat-clenching Super Bowl LII between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots on Sunday, February 4, 2018.

"We are very pleased with the livestreaming experience for Super Bowl LII," said Eric Black, SVP & CTO Digital at NBC Sports Group and Playmaker Media. "We have a long partnership with iStreamPlanet and continue to work together on the world's largest events for best in class industry technology."
MASSIVE SCALE: By the Numbers

Super Bowl LII was the most livestreamed Super Bowl ever, with an Average Minute Audience (AMA) of 2.02 million viewers. The game's record-setting livestream peaked at 3.1 million concurrent streams. These numbers are a testament to the robust OTT solution that NBC Sports Group/Playmaker Media and iStreamPlanet have developed and continue to deploy to support massive audiences at global scale.

"Fans consumed 633.7 million live streaming minutes of Super Bowl Sunday coverage across 6.1 million unique devices, up 185% and 112%, respectively, from NBC's last Super Bowl live stream in February 2015. With 592.1 million minutes…this is also the largest total minutes on record for a Super Bowl. The in-game average minute audience of 2.02 million is up 152% from NBC's last Super Bowl live stream in February 2015 (800,000 AMA)." "We are excited by the record-breaking consumption as well as the quality of the streams we delivered to football fans," said Rick Cordella, EVP and General Manager, Digital Media, NBC Sports Group. "We believe this is the largest domestic streaming sports event in history."
HIGH RELIABILITY: A Truly Redundant Solution

This was the third time that NBC Sports and iStreamPlanet partnered to stream the Super Bowl, and the collective experience gained by streaming both Super Bowl XLVI (2012) and Super Bowl XLIX (2015) contributed to the overwhelming success of this year's livestream. iStreamPlanet Aventus Media Processing Suite, operating in a private and public cloud, offered broadcast level reliability, quality, and scale, while the iStreamPlanet cloud Media Origin gave NBC Sports distribution flexibility.

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